Hi, I’m Ryann Dowdy.

Grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and let's get to know one another.

After 15 years in the Corporate World, I woke up one day feeling unfulfilled. Bored. Stuck. Frustrated. And guilty.

See, I've done everything I'm supposed to do in life.
Go to college, get a degree, get a job, another job, another job, an MBA, another job, met my husband, got married, bought a house, another job, more travel, more responsibility, had a baby, another job.

Climbing the ladder was easy, but I found myself on a trajectory that wasn't working for me.

Being the breadwinner in my family, I had no idea what I could possibly do to get off that ladder. I had no idea how to stop the outside view of "success" and "accomplishment" from shaping my life - and how to take back control of my life, my time, and my finances.

Four months into my "dream job" I knew I was done.

Done being told what time to come to work. 

Done being told what time to leave.

Done rushing in and out of our house every day and spending less than 60 minutes a day with my son.

Done fitting my entire life into two days every weekend - with Saturday morning filled with groceries, laundry, and house cleaning.

I was DONE.

Through networking and connecting and meeting new people - I met armies of amazing women doing amazing things. BUT - their businesses were struggling. They were struggling to get clients, to get momentum, and to start making money.

What was missing?!

SALES. No one is teaching female entrepreneurs SALES SKILLS.

Over my 15 year career, I went from individual contributor (sales rep) to traveling the country training sales teams (National Sales Trainer) to building out sales organizations (Channel Sales Manager) to building my own sales organization (Director of Sales).

Each start-up I worked for, I was able to help build multi-million dollar sales organizations. I was known for being a great trainer and coach.

THAT was my calling. THAT was my gift.

Rather than keep my gift behind lock and key with one company - I am sharing with the world of female entrepreneurs.

I am sharing my gift with women like you - who are high achieving, get stuff done, action taking women ....but have never had to SELL and MARKET yourself before.

I am here to help YOU finally leave your 9-5
and build a business that gives you CHOICES.

We've coached hundreds of women, impacted thousands, and are just scratching 
the surface of the impact we will make on the world.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to build an Elite Community of women business owners that are empowered to leave their 9-5, take back control of their time, and live a life of financial freedom.

Faith + Family

As Christian + a Mom - I know that your relationship with God and your family have to come first! 

Health + Fitness

If you don't take care of yourself - you cannot run your business. 

Freedom + Entrepreneurship

True freedom comes from being in 100% control of how you make money. Running your own business gives you that gift. 


All of the action + strategy in the world will NOT get you results - if you don't believe in yourself. 


We aren't meant to do life alone - and we definitely cannot build businesses without support of other amazing women on the same path. 
We Turn High Performing, High Achieving Women into 6-figure Entrepreneurs.
Win New Clients. Help More People. Make More Money.
(Without feeling uncomfortable, pushy, or annoying.)