Sell Like A Rockstar Through Service  
Kick Off December 9th at 3:00pm  CT   
FREE 5 Day Workshop to develop YOUR perfect sales approach WITHOUT being pushy or "convincing" your prospects buy!

Are your sales not matching up to the results you get for your clients?

Do your current clients love you - but you need more?

Have you ever said "I don't want to sound salesy or spammy?"

Are you a service based entrepreneur looking to help more people?

This training is for YOU! 
Ryann Dowdy
Founder of Uncensored Consulting
what you'll learn:
>> How to implement a simple sales process that will help you hear YES more often
>> How to re-frame your opinion of selling (because we both know it's holding you back) 
>> How to connect with new people without being spammy
>> How to start conversations that are about SERVING not SELLING 
>> How to get to YES without "convincing" anyone to buy from you 
>> How to help your prospects make a decision 
>> How to confidently position yourself as the expert

Serve More People and Get More Clients! 
We start on December 9th 
3:00pm CT 
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