Without being spammy, annoying, or pushy...
Ryann Dowdy
Sales Coach
The #1 way to get more clients is to talk to more people. 
It's been proven over and over again. 

But you're stuck. You're not sure what to say without sounding super awkward.
You don't know where to go next - and you feel as if you're leaving money on the table. 
A LOT of money. 

If you could just get over your fear of being "salesy" and "spammy" - you'd be SO much more comfortable starting conversations with strangers and getting more clients! 
These SCRIPTS will help you start conversations that help connect + build relationships!
You started a business because you LOVE to serve.
You can't WAIT to spend your days serving dream clients!
But it's a CONSTANT struggle to even get a sales calls on the calendar. 
You have no idea where the next client is coming from - and you're terrified that this business may never get off the ground. 
You've heard over and over again that conversations + networking are the KEY to getting clients, but you just wind up wasting hours scrolling social media unsure of how to get involved in the hundreds of conversations, how to stand out, and how to stay true to yourself. 
Introducing the Uncensored Sales Scripts
These scripts will help you start a conversation with anyone, anytime, about ANYTHING. 

Connection Scripts - for all social channels
Comment scripts - to stand out in a crowded space
Cold email scripts - for reaching more traditional business owners that don't live on social media
Follow up scripts - when you don't nail the sales the first time
Discovery Call scripts - the ROAD MAP to yes
Objection Handling prompts - how do you handle it when someone says "I can't afford it" 

Ryann Dowdy loves helping women build businesses doing what they love! She launched her sales coaching business after meeting dozens and dozens of women doing AMAZING work - but struggling to get clients. 

Ryann has now helped hundreds of women get clients, grow businesses, and make more money than they even dreamed of - by mastering their sales conversations. Whether you’re still struggling to get your first client or looking for help raising your rates and getting fully booked, Ryann wants you to know that there are people out there with problems that you solve! 

Today, as the founder of the Uncensored Sales Program and a thriving community of thousands of women, Ryann is passionate about helping you make money doing what you love. After a 15 year Corporate career and growing multiple multi-million dollar sales organizations - Ryann leverages real world experience to help online business owners connect, serve, and sell in a way that feels good to them! 

But - won't scripts make me sound...spammy?! 
If you copy and paste them without any personalization - YES. 
Yes, they will. 

While the scripts are laid out really (really) well to connect with strangers without being robotic - it's SUPER important to add your own style and voice to them.

Whether you're using the social connection scripts or the cold email template - you want to take the time to make each message match your style (and that of your potential client!) 
Your Lead Generation Roap Map
Lead Generation is the FIRST STEP to getting clients! 
It's typically the hardest part of the process for most of the women I work with. 

But - without leads, you have NO ONE to sell to.

The Uncensored Sales Scripts are your road map for lead generation. 
For talking to new people. 
For connecting - without pitching (because we ONLY pitch when we have permission).

If you KNOW you're meant for more. 
You KNOW you're meant to SERVE, but stuck in how to GET CLIENTS - these scripts can help you start taking action IMMEDIATELY.

When it comes to selling one to one - there is NO BETTER strategy for connection than to use these scripts (and make sure you tune into the HOURS of free training available in my Facebook Group).

Can't wait to hear how these scripts impact your business AND your life.