Learn How to Get Clients and Make Money - doing work that you love!  

A signature approach to service-based selling that puts you in control of your income.

I don’t need your sales pitch. 
I want to make money and I know you can help me!

Ryann Dowdy

Founder of The 
Uncensored Sales Program

TIRED of Working ALL of the Time - But not Making Any Money.

If you don’t start bringing in new clients regularly, consistently, and confidently… if you don’t start making actual money, your business journey will be over.

Let me give you a bit of tough love for a minute while also giving you some validation.

First, know that it is totally normal to feel frustrated. You’re working around the clock, in every spare moment - and you’re STILL not making any money. You’re pouring your heart and soul into our business - and it’s exhausting.
But, if you want things to change, if you’re going to make actual money, if you’re ready to raise your rates, if you need more clients, than girl, YOU need to change

Let me say that again.

You are the answer to your sales problem. 

You just need to stop creating content, get out of from behind the keyboard, and start talking to people. 

Before you take another scroll, check out these rockstar ladies who have taken control of their income:

Sara Jelle

The Brainy Chic Virtual Services

"Within the first month, through mindset and coaching, I have TRIPLED my leads! This is a direct result of what Ryann is consistently teaching: to show up to serve your clients and create relationships."

Amber Brooks


"My business is doing SO good. Like, so good a waitlist isn't even an option. Since getting Ryann's consultation, I have become booked solid. I have more genuine, authentic calls with leads without worrying about the sales at all. Ryann really took away so much stress and anxiety over "selling" and helped me have meaningful conversations by just being me."

Melissa McClung

Life by Design 

"Oh and since joining USP in November 2019 I’ve made $12,000. Working on average 10 hours a week. Without a computer. With a full time toddler and preschooler and no daycare. USP is a NON-NEGOTIABLE business expense for me."


  • Badass at what you do. You own your skills, and you deliver results. Period. 
  • Fulfilled. Your business gave you a piece of happiness that was missing. 
  • Caring. You genuinely want to help the people on the other side of your service.
  • ​Motivated. It’s time to uplevel. You can smell time, location, and financial freedom.
  • ​Overwhelmed. You underestimated how awkward selling feels for you. It’s no wonder you can’t convince anyone to buy from you. 
  • ​​Frustrated. You already invested in a coach (and a course or two), and you still can’t get clients consistently.
  • ​Embarrassed. You look in the mirror every day and try to convince yourself that you have a business and not a hobby.
  • ​​Losing confidence. You are a high-achiever who follows the rules and succeeds at everything. Why can’t you figure out how to crack even $50k in your service-based business?! 

So… what is this magical secret to selling?!

The secret to selling is accepting the fact that THERE IS NO SECRET. 
Making money on demand all comes back to three things:

#1: Your Sales Mindset

#2: Your Sales System

#3: Your Accountability System

(I know, isn't it sexy?!)

You see...

There is no magic bullet.

Don’t believe the lies they tell you on the internet. This is not the Field of Dreams. You can’t just hang up your virtual “open for business” sign and expect the clients to come running. 

So how can you make money whenever you want?!

The first thing you need to fix if you want to make money is your sales mindset. 

The reason you’ve been so uncomfortable with sales is because every time you go to sell your service, you picture that gross, aggressive, pushy, and annoying used car salesman who is trying to convince you to buy that hot mess on the side of the lot. 

Sales has nothing to do with convincing anyone of anything. So stop trying to convince people to buy from you

What you need to realize, internalize, and understand in every corner of your brain is that selling has EVERYTHING to do with: 

Building relationships with humans.

Educating those humans about your service.

Figuring out together if your service helps solve their problem. 

That’s it. That is the magic behind selling. Online, offline, everywhere. Period. 

All of the likes, shares, followers, comments, subscribers, and ad traffic DON’T MATTER if you cannot build a relationship with the human beings on the other side of your computer, get them on the phone with you, and figure out if you can solve their problem. 

The second thing you need to fix if you want to actually make money is your sales system.

Sales systems?! What the?!

Think of it this way...

How and where do you find new prospects?
How do you position yourself as an expert?
What is your offer and does it match your income goals? 
What does your discovery call look like? 
How do you onboard a new client?
How many sales will it take for you to hit your income goals?
How many people do you have to talk to so you can close the number of sales needed to hit your income goals? 

You will find all of these answers… every single one and more… in the Uncensored Sales Program

Remember what I said before, there is no magic bullet here. Making money anytime you want is purely a numbers game. The good news is that this game is 1,000% within your control

Let me save you from your fear of being rejected and tell you right now, up front, that not everyone is going to say yes to you. 

Nobody closes them all and anyone trying to sell you a service or a system that claims otherwise is lying to you. 

You can’t control what people are going to say when you tell them about your service.

What you can control is how many human beings you welcome into your world and educate about your service on a daily basis. 

When you have scalable systems and repeatable processes in place, so you know exactly what problem you solve, how you package up your offer, and how many people you ACTUALLY have to talk to each day to hit your income goals…

Then, my friend, you can make money any time that you want. 

I get it. Before you invest anymore money into your business, you want to understand the value you are going to get with your investment. Lady, trust me. No one understands value like I do!


you will get all the sales mindset, systems, skills, and accountability you can handle in a 12 month immersive coaching program.
 And a whole lot more.


Dedicated time to focus on YOU and YOUR business. 
Every. Single. Month.
No cookie-cutter coaching around here.  

  • 30-minute accountability call each month with your personal Accountability Coach. 12 month Value: $2028
  • Voice + Direct Messaging Access to get questions answered fast. 12 month Value: $5964


It takes a village to raise a child and a business. Think of this program as your village. 

  • 2x Weekly group coaching based on group challenges and needs. 12 month value $7176
  • Weekly mindset call with our in-house Mindset Coach. 12 month Value $3588
  • ​Weekly Content Strategy Call. 12 month Value $3588
  • ​Monthly Networking Events with the other badass women in the Uncensored Sales Program. 12 month Value $3588
  • ​Private Community with ridiculously amazing like-minded women to keep you motivated and on-track. This confidential space is your place to take all your client, sales, and money-related questions. It’s like 24x7 office hours. 12 month Value: $3588


You will never lack for sales mindset, systems, or skills training. 

  • Access to the Original Uncensored Sales Foundation Course. Value $399
  • Access to the How to Grow and Monetize a Facebook Group Course. Value $399
  • ​​Access to the B2B Sales Course. Value $399
  • ​Access to the Uncensored Brand Foundation Course. Value $399
  • ​​Access to the Uncensored Confidence Foundation Course. Value $399
  • ​Monthly guest expert speakers. 12 month Value $2388
  • ​​​A digital training vault for easy access to all of my mindset, systems, and skills trainings. Value $3997 
  • ​All future programs and updates. 

So that we’re clear, this program is worth $34,667 over the course of 12 months. 

And you get access to ALL of it, for only: 
12 monthly payments of $400!


(for you super detail-oriented types that need to see all the fine print first.)

How much does the Uncensored Sales Program Cost?

This program is $4200 or 12 monthly payments for $400. I want this program to be accessible to women who know they need support and are serious about getting it but are not at the point where investing in a $30,000 mastermind makes sense for them. 

Is there a time commitment when joining the program?

Yes. If you are going to join the Uncensored Sales Program, you will commit to a 12-month coaching program. 

Why is there a 12-month commitment to join the program? 

Because I want you to achieve actual results, which won’t happen overnight. You need to understand this going in. This is not a quick fix. This is an investment in your long-term-freedom. Nobody benefits if I give you the wrong expectation and just take your money for three months. That is not enough time to achieve the sustainable success that you want and deserve. Your business might look totally different a year from now, you will undoubtedly be making more money if you do what I teach you, but you could also be offering a different service or working in a different niche. The skills you are going to learn in this Program are evergreen, and will help you at every phase of your business, regardless of what you’re actually selling. You just have to give yourself the time to learn.

What happens when I sign up?

You receive IMMEDIATE access to everything that comes with the program. As soon as you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with a link to schedule a 30-minute call with your Accountability Coach to review everything, show you all the content, and make sure you have everything you need to hit the ground running. 

Are there any refunds? 

You have immediate access to download and print all content, so no, there are no refunds. This program is for women who are serious about making real money in their business, if that’s not you, thanks for reading, huge virtual hug, and best of luck to you.

Can you please recap everything that comes with this course?

30-minute monthly 1:1 accountability call each month. 
1:1 Messenger Coaching directly from me and my team. 
Access to a private community of like-minded women that serves as your:
24x7 office hours where you can bring any and all of your client, sales, and money-related questions. 
Network of referral partners, business besties, and mentors. 
Accountability, inspiration, motivation, and support system. 
Weekly group coaching. 
Weekly mindset coaching.
Weekly content strategy brainstorm. 
Monthly guest expert speaker training. 
Access to the Original Uncensored Sales Foundation Course.
Access to the Grow And Monetize a Facebook Group Course. 
Access to the B2B Sales Course. 
Access to the Uncensored Brand Foundation Course. 
Access to the Uncensored Confidence Foundation Course. 
A digital course vault for easy access to all of my mindset, systems, and skills trainings.
All future programs and updates. 

Will you ever raise your rates to this program?

Just being real with you, yes, I will likely be raising the price of this program at some point in the not-so-distant future. But, once you sign up, you are grandmothered in at your current rate. AKA, get in while you can for only $4200 (or 12 monthly payments of $400).  

What is the format for all the training?

Live 1:1 training and group coaching are conducted via Zoom or phone. Messenger Support via Slack. The course vault materials are hosted and replayable at any time. 

But Ryann, I’ve already invested in a business coach before and it didn’t work. I’m afraid to commit to another coaching program.

I totally hear you and believe me, I get it. Quick question for you though, was your other coach paid over 6-figures a year to teach people in multi-million dollar sales organizations how to sell?! 


Do you want to be sitting here a year from now, frustrated by the exact same financial results that you’ve been getting? 

Or, are you willing to accept the fact that everything you’ve thought about sales is wrong, and try learning a new way to sell that makes you feel genuine, helpful, and confident?

Are you committed to your struggle with making sales? 

Or are you open to changing your mindset about sales so you can make money whenever you want? 

Are you going to leave your success to chance? 

Or are you ready to take control: of your life, your freedom, your business, and your income?!

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